Attention Christians who want to make sense of the daily battles in your life!

Discover How To Understand And Embrace Each Season Of Your Life To Experience More Love, Joy, Peace Than Ever Before

Have An Encounter With God That Changes You, Provokes You, And Unlocks The Deeper Understanding Of Who You Really Are And Who God Really Is

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What Season Am I In?
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Exactly why were you born into a war zone and how can you not only survive it, but thrive in the midst of it, take ground for the Kingdom of God, and see the justice of God over your life story?

Obstacle CourseAll this craziness just above your head and deep inside your soul is nothing less than a very real battle that's raging between a real enemy and your soul. The simplicity of 1 Peter 5:8 helps us to remember why our daily lives are so difficult.

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

God placed you into your specific body and family at this specific time in history for a very specific purpose. Was it just to see you barely hang in there?

Your life is an obstacle course designed by God to maximize your capacity to love and be loved!

What you've personally battled over and come up against again and again is so much bigger than you are. That's why it's so hard. You're not just fighting for yourself or generations before or after you in your lineage. Nor are you simply fighting to attain your version of success or happiness or to fulfill your God-given potential.

Whether you're aware of it or not, you are contending to know and experience the truth of God's heart for you in the face of great contradiction and mystery while you're simultaneously fighting creation's war for the truth of who God is as Love to be revealed in all of society itself.

Obstacle CourseWe believe that the war will be won through individuals like yourself, who become fully convinced that His heart towards us is indeed good. Every individual battle that you win, to personally believe in and live from the goodness of God, is evidence of the Kingdom itself coming to earth, the very greatest victory that is promised us.

  • Do you ever feel like you were dropped down into an epic movie battle-scene with bullets flying all around you?
  • Do you want clarity on why you're in this particular movie, what it's really all about, and your role in it?
  • Do you have a passion to overcome every obstacle in a way that brings change to your life and the world around you?

If so you are invited to join us an exciting journey to head into the new year full of clarity, conviction, and a heart set on fire by Love Himself!

God in Every Season

Understanding And Embracing The Seasons in Your Life

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)



Rainbow God bookJust like the four seasons, our relationship with God goes through seasons as well.

Every season highlights an aspect of God and every season it may seem like an aspect of God is hidden.

It's so important to know your season and cooperate with the season God has you in to keep you from being frustrated.

The purpose of this course is to help you better understand the seasons of life, idenify which season you are in so you can embrace that, and help you recognize when you are transitioning into a new season so you can prepare well.

You will be challenged to recognize any potential lies you may have believed about God through the ways you personally experienced the broken systems of our culture, as well as discover the truth about God that we were meant to display in society.

Get ready to know a God who is eager to trust you with the solutions that society needs for every problem that exists.


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Here is what we will cover during the 8 LIVE Lessons:

Lesson 1: The War Zone (Nov 30, 2017)
Understanding What Your Daily Battles are Really All About

This session provides an overview for the entire 8-session class, so that you can understand and receive God's unonditional love and epxerience His consistent goodness to you.

Together we must re-orient ourselves to the whole point of the war we were born into so we don't lose heart in the midst of our individual battles.

Get equipped to use the weapons you already have access to, along with simple yet powerful strategies for maximum impact as you live full of passion and purpose, above the raging war.

In this session, you will become re-oriented in the midst of your daily battles to these critical truths:

  • You were born with original God-given glory into this war zone
  • The war began long before you, but you have an important role in it
  • The wrestling you feel isn't just because you're doing something wrong
  • Your battles are intricately connected to the greater war that's over the knowledge of God filling the earth
  • People are never the enemy, including yourself
  • If the goal is for the correct reputation of God to be displayed in the world, then it starts in your own heart
  • You will win this war by adjusting your perspective of pain
  • You've been given permission to love radically
  • You don't have to waste your life energy on false battle fronts

Lesson 2: What Season Am I In? (December 14, 2017)

Every season of life we experience carries a unique expression of God and His nature. The renewing of our minds must translate into us shifting our perspectives and aligning our thinking with God's - this means continually seeking out His nature…not just WHO He is, but HOW He is.

God is looking to reproduce certain aspects of Himself in us. When we partner with God and embrace the different seasons our souls cycle through, God builds a foundation and structure within each of us that showcases His character to the world. God wants us to seek out the deeper things within ourselves, amidst the raw confessions of our souls, (questions about all the suffering, etc) so that He can truly reveal His goodness in every circumstance THROUGH US.

When we really see Him and experience Him for who He is in every aspect of our internal narrative (despite what we've been through or go through), then we can effectively convey that truth as an instrument of reformation to the rest of society.

Topics for this session include:

  • Personal Transformation Brings Societal Reformation
  • God Is In Every Season of Your Soul
  • Four Daughters - Four Seasons
  • You Are Always Only Ever Increasing

Lesson 3: Reasons for the Seasons (January 16, 2018)

During this session, we will lay a strong foundation that is all about your personal relationship with God and the reasons for the seasons that He is taking you through.

Reasons for the SeasonsEvery season is important and difficult, but each unique in what it will accomplish in us if we know what season we are in and embrace it.

During this session, we discuss:

  • Invisible Guardrails on the Highway of Life
  • Seasons Bring Necessary Change
  • Every Season is Important
  • Every Season is Difficult and Yet Good
  • Why You Need to Know Your Season
  • Taking the Assessment - Discover Your Season

Our comprehensive Seasons Assessment will help you know what season you currently are in, what season you just came out of, and where you are headed and how to be prepared for it.

Lesson 4: Living Intentionally In Every Season Of Your Soul (January 23)

God is so intentional with us. As we learn to have a mature response and be intentional back to Him, then we understand things going on in our lives much better.

Every season feels different. In every season there is an overiding need that you have.

Reasons for the SeasonsEvery season also has very common fears, lies, and tempations that are unique to that season.

Every season has a specific antidote to fear. It's so simple. There is a most common fear in each season, but God gives us a specific antidote for that season.

Your worship - the way you worship God - feels, looks, and sounds different. You have a different focus in each season. You are like the Tree of LIFE in each season, but the Tree looks different in each season.

During this session, we discuss:

  • What It Means to Live Intentionally
  • Four Seasons, Seven Aspects
    1. Feels Like... Time of Day, Point of Lifespan, Farmer's Field
    2. Your Overriding Need During Each Season
    3. Common Fears, Lies, and Temptations That Are Unique to Each Season
    4. Your Antidote to Fear in Each Season
    5. Your Worship in Each Season
    6. Your Focus in Each Season
    7. The Tree of Life in Each Season
  • War and Win With Your Words

Lesson 5: Winter Promise (January 30)

Topics for this session include:

  • Winter PromiseFeels Like... Midnight, The Miracle of Conception, Looks Like a Field of Dreams
  • Your Overriding Need to Believe God's Promises for a Joyful Harvest
  • Unique Fears, Lies, and Temptations in Winter
  • Antidote to Winter's Fear - The Promise of Joy
  • Winter Worship - Simply Let Him In
  • Winter's Focal Point - The Nearness of the Creator
  • Like a Dormant Tree
  • Looking Forward Towards Spring Justice
  • Winter Truth Statements

Lesson 6: Spring Justice (February 13)

Topics for this session include:

  • Spring JusticeFeels Like... Sunrise, Birthing, Looks Like a Field of Possibility
  • Your Overriding Need to Experience the Justice of God
  • Unique Fears, Lies, and Temptations in Spring
  • Antidote to Spring's Fear - Hope in His Justice
  • Spring Worship - Simply Yield With Your Yes
  • Spring's Focal Point - A Great Reward
  • Like a Growing Tree
  • Looking Forward - Towards Summer Grace
  • Spring Truth Statements

Lesson 7: Summer Grace (February 20)

Topics for this session include:

  • Summer GraceFeels Like... High Noon, Maturation, Looks Like a Field That's Maintained
  • Your Overriding Need to Live By God's Grace
  • Unique Fears, Lies, and Temptations in Summer
  • Antidote to Summer's Fear - Grace That Brings Victory
  • Summer Worship - Simply Maintain the Romance
  • Summer's Focal Point - Nurturing What is Growing
  • Like a Tested Tree
  • Looking Forward - Towards Fall Glory
  • Summer Truth Statements

Lesson 8: Fall Glory (February 27)

Topics for this session include:

  • Fall GloryFeels Like Sunset, Letting Go of What Has Matured, Looks Like a Field of Harvest
  • Your Overriding Need to Reflect the Glory and Goodness of God
  • Unique Fears, Lies, and Temptations in Fall
  • Antidote to Fall's Fear - Your True Identity in God's Big Story
  • Fall Worship - Simply Celebrate the Lord of the Harvest
  • Fall's Focal Point - Future Generations
  • Like a Tree Planted for the Display of His Splendor
  • Looking Forward Towards Winter Promise
  • Fall Truth Statements

We are never content with just a message or teaching that gives someone good information. For us it's all about you having an encounter with God that changes you, provokes you, and unlocks the deeper understanding of who you really are and who He really is.

So join us!

Things you've been up against for so long will make sense like never before. You'll have new resolve within yourself. If you've felt stuck in any way, you'll be renewed and reoriented.

Remember - YOU are DESTINED. You're ACCEPTED. You are ENJOYED. You're PROVIDED FOR. Your future here and for eternity is SECURE. You are IMPORTANT. You are ROYALTY.

Blessings to each of you!

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

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I am impressed with the love that exudes from Johnny and Elizabeth themselves and the way they explain and then go onto give practical steps that we can take in order to BE LOVE.

Johnny and Elizabeth are perceptive, genuine, & compassionate teachers so willing to impart what they have walked and are walking. Their perspective is precious.

The wonderful way Elizabeth and Johnny flow together in teaching really blessed me. The content of course is so relevant and critical to me and my walk with Lord.

Johnny and Elizabeth's teaching was spot on with what's been going on not only in the world but also my family.

I appreciate so many aspects of Johnny and Elizabeth's training, from the basic tenet of providing perspective and background of God's plan and purpose to finally establishing my positional place in His plan in creating me, my place in the entire scenario. My story only makes sense in light of God's Bigger Story Plot.



The sooner you join, the more bonuses you will receive!!!

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think,
according to the power that works in us, (Ephesians 3:20)

Bonus 1: "What Season are You In?" Assessment and Results

This comprehensive assessment is designed to help you identify and embrace the current season you are in.

This assessment will also help you recognize when you are entering a new season so you are better prepared.

If you purchase the God in Every Season class, you are allowed to share this written assessment with up to five friends. It is fun and enlightening to take this assessment with others and discuss what it specifically means to each person. This is a good way to bring more light to your life and your friend's lives.

Truth StatementBonus 2: Seasons Truth Statements

These powerful truth statements are valuable for ongoing encouragement.

Read these statements out loud over and over to renew your mind and increase your joy and expectations in each season.

Cash SavingsBonus 3: 67% Cash Savings

Our normal price for this LIVE training with all the associated resources for an ENTIRE YEAR is $600.

However, If you sign up by 11:45 pm Eastern Time on January 21, you will receive a $400 savings, making your price only $200. And we offer you three different payment options to fit your budget. We can't be any fairer than that.

Bonus 4: God in Every Season Book by Elizabeth Enlow

This newly released PDF book by Elizabeth is a great way to reinforce what Johnny and Elizabeth are teaching during their 6-session class.

To receive this bonus, please sign up by 11:45 pm Eastern Time on January 21.


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How This Training Works

Online TrainingIn late 2017 and early 2018, Johnny and Elizabeth taught this 8-lesson class LIVE.

Now, when you enroll you receive IMMEDIATE access to a private member site with resources for all eight lessons, including video replays, audio replays, study-guides, PowerPoints, transcripts, and more.

With your class membership, you have access to all online class resources for 12 months. Plus, you can download the resources to your computer to have access to them for lifetime.

The purpose of this class is to help you better understand the seasons of life, identify which season you are in so you can embrace that, and help you recognize when you are transitioning into a new season so you can prepare well.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe know this training will give you vital insight into the days in which we are living, so I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee with this training program. So, if for any reason you are not delighted with this course within 30 days of when you sign up, we will either reconcile the problem or refund your entire investment.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Your success is our success and vice versa!

Summary of What You Get

8-session LIVE class

  • Lesson 1: The War Zone
  • Lesson 2: What Season Am I In?
  • Lesson 3: Reasons For The Seasons
  • Lesson 4: Living Intentionally In Every Season Of Your Soul
  • Lesson 5: Winter Promise
  • Lesson 6: Spring Justice
  • Lesson 7: Summer Grace
  • Lesson 8: Fall Glory


  • Bonus 1: "What Season are You In?" Assessment and Results
  • Bonus 2: Seasons Truth Statements
  • Bonus 3: 67% Cash Savings ($200 instead of $600) (expires Jan 21)
  • Bonus 4: God in Every Season PDF book by Elizabeth Enlow (expires Jan 21)

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  • Access to private Facebook group
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


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  • Bonus 1: "What Season are You In?" Assessment and Results
  • Bonus 2: Seasons Truth Statements
  • Bonus 3: 67% Cash Savings ($200 instead of $600) (expires Jan 21)
  • Bonus 4: God in Every Season PDF book by Elizabeth Enlow (expires Jan 21)

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Blessings to understand and embrace the seasons in your life!

Johnny and Elizabeth

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow
Authors and international speakers
Cofounders of R.I.S.E. (Refomers Influencing Society Every Day)


Johnny and Elizabeth EnlowJohnny and Elizabeth Enlow are social reformers at heart, as well as international speakers and authors of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, The Seven Mountain Renaissance, Becoming A Superhero, and God in Every Season.

As ones focused on the reformation of the 7 primary areas of culture, they are spiritual mentors to many in Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

Their passion is to awaken our generation to the reality of the God of all of life, Who not only cares for our souls, but also has practical solutions to offer through His sons and daughters for every problem that exists in society.